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Blue fish Pink Love: an mp3 rotation site
Rotation #5 
3rd-Aug-2007 04:46 pm
In honor of Manlee Wan from imeem, this will be a Korean Rotation!


1. Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own any of the works on this page. Ok?
2. If you take a song please leave a comment and tell me what you think!
3. Keeping MP3's is against the law, so be a dear and delete MP3's after 24 hours. If you really like a song, support the artist and get their CD at YesAsia or CD Japan
4. DO NOT Direct link! It's rude! And you'll piss me off. ^^

Artist: Eugene
Song: Bad Boy
Album: My True Style (2003)
Rating: 9.8/10 ☆
Comments: I don't have to many songs by Eugene, but I do love her and this song. Everytime I listen to this song it makes me not only feel like getting up and dancing, but so empowered! It's like she's telling me "You're a woman, you kick ass." And it makes me feel sexy! Hahahahah, but it's so true. I LOVE this song. *RECOMMENDED*

Artist: Epik High
Song: Fly
Album: Swan Songs (2005)
Rating: 9.8/10 ☆
Comments: Epik High.... oh my gosh. I love them. They are so creative and wonderful. This song, which is melodic hip-hop, is definitely one of their best. I recommend listening to it alone & then again while watching the video- you'll be quite surprised. And that is the beauty of Epik High- they are so witty, and their music/videos are so paradoxical and ironic. *RECOMMENDED*

Artist: Epik High
Song: Let it rain ft. Kim Jong Wan (Nell)
Album: Swan Songs (2005)
Rating: 9.8/10 ☆
Comments: This song features Kim Jong Wan from the rock band Nell, which in itself is great, because Nell makes beautiful and haunting music. This song is no different. It's melodic, but in a way haunting- or rather, it makes you feel reminiscent and sad. I mean really, Epik HighxNell? *RECOMMEDED*

Artist: Baby V.O.X.
Song: Accidents
Album: Special Album (2002)
Rating: 8/10 ☆
Comments: Somewhat reminiscent of Spice Girls, but then again different in it's own right. It's very catchy and great.

Artist: Clazziquai Project
Song: She is
Album: 내 이름은 김삼순 (MBC 수목드라마 OST)(2005)
Rating: 9/10 ☆
Comments: This song is from the Korean drama "My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon" (which is an Excellent drama!). It's a soft kind of pop song, with remnants of jazz, like most Clazziquai stuff and lovely.

Artist: Bi (Rain)
Song: Stil Believe
Album: Still Believe (2006)
Rating: 8/10 ☆
Comments: I believe Bi needs no introductions, right? One of Bi's latest songs; you can really tell Bi's English is getting a lot better. ^__^

Artist: BoA
Song: Always
Album: Shine We Are (2003)
Rating: 9/10 ☆
Comments: I have a lot of music from BoA, and I like a lot of her songs, but for some reason I still find it hard to get into her o.O . It's pretty strange... maybe it's because I dont like a lot of her songs... or something, I don't know. ANYWAY. I do love this song. It is a ballad, and it's beautiful. When I hear this song, it feels like an embrace. Very lovely.

Artist: SE7EN
Song: Crazy
Album: Crazy [Single] (2004)
Rating: 8/10 ☆
Comments: "*WARNING, WARNING! The drama king is in the building!*" I adore Se7en! His music is sooooo good. Anyway, this is another dance-type hip-hop song with a cool video. I love the interlude towards the end.

Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Song: Hey! Girl
Album: THE 3RD ALBUM "O"- Jung.Ban.Hub (2006)
Rating: 9/10 ☆
Comments: Ooh-hoo-hoo. Everytime I hear this song I just think "This song is soooo sexy. It's that slow kind of sensual song that you wish your man would sing to you, you know what I mean. It's.... just... eeeeeeehh. =______=

Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Song: Rising Sun
Album: Rising Sun (2005)
Rating: 9.8/10 ☆
Comments: My first reaction when I heard this? *o*... I was like "Ohhh my Goooood.... I LOVE this song!" I was really, really amazed, because I had never really heard a song like this before, where pop, hip-hop, and techno/trance, and a little rock were incorporated in such a manner. The blend is amazing, and you can tell they put a lot of work into it. And do you hear Chang Min in there? His voice is insane! Add a very cool video to the mix, and you've got a hit. *RECOMMENDED*

Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Song: Miduhyo
Album: Tri-angle (2004)
Rating: 9/10 ☆
Comments: I think I've already uploaded this.... O.^ Oh well, this is a veery pretty ballad, and I must say I was quite obsessed with this song a while back. I must have heard it a million times while by b/f was away in Canada. This is the song that introduced me and made me fall in love with Dong Bang Shin Ki. Maybe it will do the same for you? *RECOMMENDED*

Artist: EVE
Song: Whenever You Feel...
Album: sEVEnth evening (2006)
Rating: 9.8/10 ☆
Comments: I had seen pictures of Eve, but I had never actually heard anything by them until this song, and boy was I pleasantly pleased. This song is ballady with rock undertones, and is so pretty and haunting. You can really feel the meaning behind the song without knowing what's being said.
4th-Aug-2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
OMG BoA! Yay!
Yeah, obviously downloaded it. >.<
And SE7EN.
5th-Aug-2007 04:06 am (UTC)
Haha, BoA's Okay to me, but I LOOOVEEE SE7EN!!!
5th-Aug-2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, god, since you've posted this, I've been listening to Se7en obsessively!
So good. <3
12th-Aug-2007 07:40 am (UTC)
Oh reaaaally? hehehehe *evil look* I will get you hooked! Or rather, Se7en will get you hooked! That's good to know; I have a lot of Se7en music. Is there something you want from him? I can post it on the next rotation.
18th-Sep-2007 12:12 am (UTC)
Hey, it's Ocean from Tranquil Lullaby~<3
Eugene is <3! And Bad boy is catchy. I'm thinking of taking BoA and EVE~
Also, to answer your question on my blog, I'm not Japanese, really! 8D; *Isn't even Asian.*
Would you mind if I put your site on my links list~? :3

18th-Sep-2007 07:41 am (UTC)
Hello! Wow, your Japanese was so good then! Mine's pretty good too, so maybe we should start a band! Haha, jk, jk ^^.
Of course I don't mind, but can I put you on mine too? ^_____-
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